June 3, 2010

Odd Strategy By State Dems

I'm finding the video below quite odd. It is a promotional video put out by the New York State Democratic Senate Campaign Committee to tout what they believe to be 11 candidates for state senate that they claim will "end the dysfunction". As if the 18 months that the Dems have had the majority hasn't been one of the most dysfunctional and corrupt period in history.

But the video is presented in a very interesting format. Each of the candidates talks about why they became a state senator. The problem is, none of them are a senator yet. So it comes off very misleading.

But the bigger problem with the theory of presenting each if these candidates speaking as if they're already in office is the state Dems complete lack of understanding the political climate in which they're working. I mean, Albany has never been more dysfunctional than it is right now, and the anti-incumbency movement is as great as it's ever been. So what is the logic of presenting a slate of new candidates as incumbents?

If there is a reasonable rationale for this strategy, I'm not getting it. I'm thinking the voters won't either.

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James T. Kirk said...

Hobbes, I don't know whether to call that thing arrogant or asinine...


BTW, way to win us over: Using a bunch of people with obvious "Downstate" accents to talk about how they are a statewide party.