June 22, 2010

"More taxes the better"

We all know it's true, but it is nonetheless shocking when you read of the Democrat's sickening desire to tax and borrow. After all, this is the party that has given us the unmitigated disaster that has been Barack Obama. Although you'll never see it on CNN, the national debt has increased by $2.4 TRILLION since Obama took office. Just so we're clear, that's $2,411,578,667,199. Hope and change, right Barry?

Now, with the state facing a multi-billion deficit, what is the plan of the state Dems, who control every statewide office in the state, the Assembly, the Senate and the Governor's office? Could it be to reform the most expensive and generous Medicaid program in the country? Wishful thinking. Nope, more taxes and more borrowing.

This point became abundantly clear yesterday when Lt. Governor Richard Ravitch (I know, who?) made the statement, "More taxes the better". Considering this is the guy who has virtually destroyed the MTA, while advocating that Paterson address the state's budget fiasco by borrowing billions, one wonders how the hell he can show his face in Albany.

One really has to wonder how long this will continue. Then again, considering how strong Albany stalwart Mario Cuomo Jr. is doing in the polls, people of this state must not be too concerned about the liberal tax, borrow & spend policies of the party that has put us in this position.

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