June 24, 2010


By now, you've most likely learned of the resignation of General Stanley McChrystal from his position as the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan after he and his aides made disparaging remarks about Barack Obama. Now, we're not going to delve into whether or not asking for McChrystal's resignation was the right move or not, or if McChrystal has earned the right to express himself. No, we're going to look at the sickening hypocrisy of the whole affair.

Obama has no military experience, no one can dispute that. Not even all of those years as a community organizer can compensate for the fact that he McChrystal has forgotten more about military strategy than Obama could ever understand. But still, he is the "commander-in-chief", so we'll accord him the respect that comes with the title, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of military personnel have little or no respect for his minimal military acumen.

What is simply astounding is that if McChrystal had made these comments about GW Bush, the psychotic lefties would be having a field day. They would be praising McChrystal up and down. They'd be calling him a hero. They'd be calling for GW's resignation, not McChrystals. The entire situation would be playing out completely different. But because McChrystal chose to challenge the chosen one, he is made out to be unqualified to continue in his leadership role.

The difference is that McChrystal would not have made those comments about Bush because Bush was respected by the vast majority of military personnel. Obama is viewed as a joke, and many believe that he has made a mockery of that commander-in-chief title. Bush earned the right to command the military, and he gave his military strategists the leeway to do what they do best. And he knew his limitations. Obama would never cede such authority; his ego won't allow it. Instead, he will continue his failed foreign policies.

This war, the war in Afghanistan, is Obama's war. He campaigned on it, he has made it a focal point of his administration and he is leading the effort. But he is once again allowed to slide on policy decisions that would have created a feeding frenzy on Bush. It's a sickening double standard.

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