June 17, 2010

Kessel's Ignorance Shines Through

I've come to the conclusion that New York Power Authority President & CEO Richie Kessel isn't too smart. He acts like he's smart, but when the rubber hits the road, he's dumber than the proverbial box of rocks. What, you may ask, has driven me to this conclusion? Simple - he opened his mouth.

In this piece from the Niagara Gazette, which focuses on the fact that Niagara County has spent $216,000 in its lawsuit against the Power Authority, Kessel is quoted as saying, "It’s a loser for the county, ultimately. A lot of money will be spent, a lot of time will be spent, and in the end, I believe NYPA will prevail. It can go on and the lawyers all will be happy."

What Kessel is obviously incapable of comprehending is that the county has already won the battle. They've won because this litigation has brought to light the injustices brought down on this county at the hands of NYPA. What he is also is incapable of understanding is that this lawsuit will force the Power Authority to change the way they do business. Not at this moment in time, but I can assure you, it is coming.

As the lawsuit moves forward, NYPA will be forced to open their books. Richie Kessel will be forced to explain how a state authority can amass a fortune that reaches well into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Most importantly, he will need to explain how the Power Authority, which legally is not permitted to charge for electricity any more than it costs them to produce, does business. Richie Kessel does not want to have to answer any of these questions.

It is also simply astounding that he thinks $216,000 is going to turn anyone off. Considering the hundreds of millions of dollars that NYPA has primarily generated on the backs of the people of Niagara County, $216k doesn't amount to a drop of piss in the Grand Canyon. Whatever it takes, Richie, we, the public, are going to get a look at your books.

So you keep trying to put your spin on the litigation, Richie, that's what you get paid for. The rest of us, well, we'll continue to support the county legislature in their efforts to stop the raping of our community at your hands. In the end, we'll see who prevails. It won't be the Niagara County Legislature, it will be the hard-working, underpaid people of this community.


Rocketboy said...

It's not Ignorance, but Hubris.

Rocketboy said...

It's not Ignorance, but Hubris.

lewiston razor said...

Congressman Higgins gets Kessel to come across with millions for the "Buffalo waterfront." Niagara Falls, home to the hydro electric cash cow that Kessel controls gets ZIP. NADA. Mayor Dyster and Francine DelMonte fawn over this fat guy hoping to get a couple of crumbs from his dinner table. WTF! Dyster and DelMonte, if they had any brains or balls would get this clown in a room and gut him.