June 7, 2010

Dyster Needs A "Specialist"

It is simply astounding that someone can make so many erroneous statements and still have the audacity to think he's credible. Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster must think that the people who follow the news are incredibly stupid. Then again, maybe that plays in his community.

In case you missed it, Dyster has been pushing to hire the National Development Council to assist in attracting businesses to the city. Now, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that the city needs help. A drive through virtually any part of the city will tell you that. But it's Dyster's twisted justification that boggles the mind.

Dyster already got his way when he brought in Peter Kay to head the city's economic development efforts, at a salary of approximately $100,000 a year. Needless to say, Kay has been an unmitigated disaster. After bashing the hell out of the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency, Kay went on to list a slew of NCIDA projects in the city as his accomplishments. On his own, he has not a single substantive economic development project to cite as an achievement.

So Dyster wants more help. He attempts to explain the need to bring in the NDC to assist Kay by stating, "I trust my doctor and my doctor is very competent. But if my doctor says it's time to hire a specialist, I go to a specialist to look for a cure". Absolutely, Paul...anyone would do the same thing. The problem is, you have that "specialist" on your staff in the form of Peter Kay. He was brought in for the explicit purpose of cultivating economic development projects and nothing else. By stating that your development guru needs a specialist to help him, you are acknowledging that the Kay era has failed. And the whole concept makes you look foolish.

Maybe if you held your state representatives, Antoine Thompson and Francine DelMonte, accountable, you might get something out of them for the city. Maybe of you didn't stand so close to NYPA boss Richie Kessel every time he blows into town that you have to wipe the shit off of your nose, you might get some ED dollars from the Power Authority. Maybe if you lowered the staggering tax rate and water rates in Niagara Falls, businesses would express an interest. Maybe of you forced Cordish and Niagara Falls Redevelopment Corporation to stop holding the city hostage, you'd see some economic development projects materialize. And maybe if you didn't keep your head buried in the damn sand anytime anyone tries to offer some constructive criticism, you might see some positive things happen. We won't hold our collective breath waiting for any of these things to happen.

Instead, you keep looking for new and innovative ways to spend the money of what taxpayers you have left in the city, like bringing in more "specialists". The rest of us, we'll just keep crossing the Rainbow Bridge so we can understand what a real government is capable of doing for a world-class destination.


lewiston razor said...

Amen. Amen. And amen.

Paladin said...

By "specialist" I assume you mean "proctologist," because Dyster's head is up his ass.

The Avenger said...

Pallilo, Gaile, Elia, Anello and now Dyster. It's an amazing streak of failure that is almost impossible to match. At least Elia and Anello seemed to relish the good fight. Dyster could be the most mealy-mouthed, spaghetti-spined, pseudo egghead politician we have ever seen in these parts. He has accomplished zero and shows no sign of accomplishing anything else.

He is an EPIC FAILURE and will clearly be another one-term mayor.