June 15, 2010

Dem Congressman Assaults Student

Ahhhhh, yes, more of that "Hope & Change" that we were promised if we elected Obama. The promise of a more open government, more cooperation and just an overall love fest for our government. Apparently Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge didn't get that memo.

If you haven't seen it, Etheridge goes berserk when a student asks him the simple question of, "Do you fully support President Obama's health care agenda?" To most people, that's a pretty reasonable question. To most constituents, that's a question that they demand an answer to. To Etheridge, it's obviously such an offensive question that he need to assault the individual that would have the gall to ask such a thing.

This is indicative of the arrogance perpetrated by Obama and his flock. They are so arrogant, they do not believe that they answer to anyone. I give this kid a whole truckload of credit for maintaining his composure. Me? Well, if Etheridge had put his hands on me, I'd have, in the famous words of Principal Richard Vernon, knocked his dick in the dirt.


James T. Kirk said...


Etheridge should do the honorable thing, and resign. His actions are the actions of a man out of control, a man turned arrogant by power. He has lost the right to govern.

A few weeks back, Republican Congressman Mark Souder from Indiana admitted to having an affair with a staffer (a female one, for the record). He immediately resigned his seat.

Mr. Etheridge should at least show himself to be worthy of the Souder Standard.

Reaganite Republican said...

It’s Obama who set the tone… HE is the one with “get in their face”, “hit back twice as hard”, and gonna “kick ass” while Salazar puts his “boot on their throat”. What the hell is this, the Third Reich?

Now this arrogant clown Etheridge thinks it OK to get violent with an innocent reporter asking a question… and in the most polite fashion imaginable- who cares what his motivations were or weren’t.

What a horrible example Team Obama and allied union thugs have set for their minions.. who now feel free to lash out like punks at any who dare question them.

Anybody who still considers Obama some sort of unifier ought to have their head examined- the damage he's doing to this society is immense

Concerned said...

Here we have an example of two idiots. 1) a Congressman who cannot answer a qestion and has no concept of proper behavior, and 2) a reporter who refuses to identify himself or say who he works for. Both truely unprofessional. The reporter should have started out by saying, Congressman, Im X from Y, may I ask you a question? At that point the Congessman, should five a forthright answer with his hands kept to himself. I suggest they both look for a new career field.