June 14, 2010

County Manager Search Turns Comical

I couldn't help by chuckle while reading this article in the Buffalo News about the county legislature's search for a new county manager. What I find so humorous is the antics of the Democrats on the committee, namely Dennis Virtuoso and Renae Kimble, to completely derail the process of finding the replacement for the man they chose, Greg Lewis.

Considering that Lewis has been an unmitigated disaster during his time in Niagara County, I'm not sure that Virtuoso and Kimble, the two legislators that were instrumental in the hiring of Lewis when the Dems were in the majority, truly have the intellect necessary to make decision of this magnitude. In addition, Lewis has been the biggest union killer to ever step foot into county hall. Do the leaders of the county unions, who've seen their membership numbers plummet under Lewis, really want to place this decision in the hands of Virtuoso and Kimble again? I wouldn't think so.

And let us not forget that during the interview process to hire the county's first manager in 2003, Lewis' prior success in closing a county-run nursing home while serving as county manager in Minnesota was a huge factor in the Dem's extremely poor decision to hire this guy. We all know that Lewis was ultimately successful in shutting down Mt. View, the nursing home previously run by Niagara County, after Lewis was told that the facility's closure was a priority by the interview committee, which included Virtuoso and Kimble. Way to represent, guys.

So now the Gruesome Twosome want to toss out every one of the 26 applicants for consideration. What exactly are they looking for? One can only surmise that they are being pressured to make up for their union-busting decision to bring in Lewis in 2003.

Now, while their efforts are indeed comical, we all know that they're nothing more than show. After all, the GOP has a 15-4 majority in the county leg. While Virtuoso and Kimble can chirp all they want about this process and this decision, they have not earned a right to make this decision because they are too weak intellectually and politically - their numbers and their history of making horrible decisions reinforces this.

So while the rest of the search committee spend the time to look for someone who is actually qualified to fill the position of county manager, we can expect more of the same ol' boring political rhetoric from these two...and as always, we'll consider the source.

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lewiston razor said...

Mr. Minority Leader may want to stop worrying about the new manager and start paying more attention closer to home. The John Gross investigation is widening out and his many, many properties that he hired John Gross to "work on" are coming into view. What would Dennis V. use for hair gel in the big house?