June 28, 2010

Biden The Dumbass

By now, you've likely seen the clip, which can be found below, of VPOTUS Joe Biden calling a custard shop manager a smart ass during their brief exchange last week. The shop manager jokingly told Biden that if he (Biden) lowers their taxes, he'll call it even. Biden, being the arrogant asshole that he is, then retorted with the offensive remark.

Obviously the manager was attempting to interject humor into the exchange, but more than that, he was expressing the frustrations of millions of small business people that are continuously facing barriers put in front of them by government. Biden didn't like that.

Did Biden use the opportunity to tout the success of the stimulus plan? Nope. Did he talk about the Obama agenda to address the economic crisis that has gripped the country? Negative. Did he for one second attempt to empathize with the plight of the small business person? Not a chance. He used the opportunity to show just how disconnected he, his boss and this entire administration are from real world challenges.

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