May 26, 2010

Where Is The Outrage?

Now that this year's school district budget votes are done, let's take a moment to analyze the results:
  • Barker: Yes, 223; no, 29
  • Lewiston-Porter: Yes, 1,968; no, 714
  • Lockport: Yes, 1,089; no 1,211
  • Newfane: Yes, 875; no, 344
  • Niagara Falls: Yes, 1,329; no, 694
  • Niagara-Wheatfield: Yes, 665; no, 191
  • North Tonawanda: Yes, 1,083; No, 387
  • Royalton-Hartland: Yes, 537; no, 262
  • Starpoint: Yes, 736; no, 516
  • Wilson: Yes, 378; no, 175
There are 10 school districts in this county (which is ludicrous, but a topic for another time), and all but one passed by an overwhelming margin. Only the voters in Lockport saw fit to reject the district's bloated spending plan.

So the question begs: Where is the outrage over the massive tax burden that the people of this community bear, a tax burden that is most heavily driven by school taxes? Supposedly people are fed up. I read it on the blogs, I hear it on the radio and I see it on the news. People are sick and tired of the bloated bureaucracies that their school districts have become. Districts that continuously add personnel while enrollment drops. Districts that reward their administrations with massive golden parachutes.

So what is the message that nine of the 10 districts send? Good job, keep taxing us to death - we're okay with that.

Me, I voted "no". Congratulations to the 1,210 fellow Lockportians who joined me in sending a message to the school board and the district's administration, even if in the overall scheme of things it doesn't change the budget, that we are sick and tired of your taxing us right out of our homes.

As for the residents of the other nine communities, well, all I can say is don't fucking complain about your taxes if you can't get off your lazy asses to do something about it.


The Avenger said...

Hobbes, you are a real jackass on this one. If you take a look at many of these school budgets, this was the year that school board finally got the message. Cuts were deep, not superficial. Programs were consolidated, people were laid off. Voters recognized that you can't completely take a hatchet to your school system and that districts did finally make tough decisions after years of loving fat and happy.

Now, let's take a look at Lockport. How the hell is that district so out of whack with everyone else that after their supposed cuts you still need a seven percent tax increase. No one else was proposing seven percent. It's clear to me Lockport is thoroughly mismanaged and clearly never planned for a rainy day. The super should be fired and the whole school board replaced. Other districts did more with less, but not Lockport.

Note to Lockport taxpayers: Perhaps you should have a few less union stooges on your school board.

Rocketboy said...

Union members will always vote for their own pockets. So it comes down to a battle between motivated union members, and a public that's fed up, and in many cases, just gave up caring. I'm just impressed that Lockport still voted no, knowing that it will not actually change the tax increase. It was more of a f-you vote than anything, as nothing really changed.