May 10, 2010

Virtuoso's Hypocrisy Shines Through Again

I did something earlier this week that I haven't done a quite some time: I watched a Niagara County Legislature meeting. I know I should watch more, but even for a political junkie like me, watching the Leg isn't exactly the most exciting way to spend a few hours.

I happened to catch the part of the meeting when they were debating a resolution put forth by Legislator John Ceretto which asks the state Inspector General to investigate the recent hiring of Elise Cusack to a newly created, $77,500 part-time position with the New York Power Authority.

Now, I completely agree with this resolution. Cusack resigned from her position as a Trustee with NYPA just four weeks before getting this new gig. NYPA bylaws say that Trustees cannot use their position for personal gain, including employment. If someone were to tell me that Cusack and NYPA President and CEO Richie Kessel didn't talk about the new job prior to her resignation as a Trustee, I'd tell him that he's dumb as a rock, naive as hell or both.

But that's not where we're going with this.

Shockingly, all four Democrats in the county legislature (yes, four out of 19, but four nonetheless) voted against the measure. Obviously Minority "Leader" Dennis Virtuoso is still taking his marching order from incompetent Francine DelMonte, then making sure the minority caucus of four get the message. That message, of course, is don't fuck with NYPA.

That being said, idiot Virtuoso had the audacity to stand up on the floor of the legislature and present the argument that the Leg shouldn't be wasting the state's time with such actions. Let's take a quick look at other measures Virtuoso, who moonlights as the Senior Building Inspector in Niagara Falls has brought forth. Actually, that reminds me - Virtuoso has worked in the City of Niagara Falls as a Building Inspector for decades, while serving on the county leg for 20 years. Some might say that he has been the most consistent presence of any single person presiding over the massive decline of what was once a great city more than any other person.

But I digress - back to Virtuoso's moronic assertion that the county legislature shouldn't be wasting the state's time with such "minutia", as he called it. (I hope someday someone offers me an unearned $77,000 gig at taxpayer expense and it's labeled "minutia". Of course, I have something called "pride", so I'd probably pass on the offer, but again, I digress).

Knowing that Virtuoso has spent more time than anyone whining to the state about anything and everything he can get his paws on, I decided to do a Google search, and this is just some of what I came across. Each of these measures was either sponsored or supported by the hypocrite Virtuoso:
  • Criticized Empire State Development Corp. for assisting in the move of First Niagara Bank’s corporate headquarters from Pendleton to Buffalo
  • Blasted the state on the multitude of sex offenders living in Niagara Falls (thanks, Francine)
  • Asked for state investigations into a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement brokered by the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency for AES Somerset
  • Requested the state attorney general and comptroller to look into the Niagara Power Coalition
  • Asked the state to investigate former treasurer Dave Broderick
  • Wanted the state Attorney General's office to investigate the legality of the county's use of casino funds to cover its legal expenses in the lawsuit against NYPA
  • Protested a state policy abolishing the requirement for an in-person interview between a caseworker and a Medicaid applicant or his representative
  • Passed a resolution encouraging the state to pass a texting while driving ban
The above examples are really just the tip of the iceberg. Virtuoso once again proves that the only rule that applies to him is the "do as I say, not as I do" rule. Amazingly, he thinks the public is too stupid to catch on. Then again, considering the morons of his legislative district continue to send him back every two years, it must me working for him.


tomslick said...

I agree. Virtuoso is the epitome of the entrenched, self centered in it for himself politician. He is a member of the old boys network that has been one of the major factors in the decline of the once great city of Niagara Falls. The man has sold out his district, his city, his county and all the voters there in to Francine and her downstate goons. Time to go Dennis.

Paladin said...

Now, now Hobbes...Contrary to what you hear about the somewhat sexist, macho attitudes of Italian men, Dennis Virtuoso has been emasculated by Francine DelMonte.

Word has it they once stood side-by-side at Niagara Falls City Hall's urinals, and she, uh, won.

Ever since, Dennis has been taking his marching orders from her.

lewiston razor said...

With regards to the distinguished Shrinking Minority Leader, all of the jibes are fun to make but let's get serious. This man is a major Niagara Falls property owner who has used his job and city hall connections to accumulate wealth through his city position. He has a lot to answer for: hiring John Gross at "discounted rates" to work on his homes, slandering former Inspections Director Guy Bax, having work done on those homes without permits, turning a blind eye to Gross's work around town and so on. Are rumors of a FBI probe of Mr. Minority Leader true? We can only hope so. Hey Dennis, maybe it's time to get out of town one step ahead of the sheriff and retire to your favorite city, Las Vegas.