May 19, 2010

Thompson Strikes Again

Let's get right to it. Today's post is straight out of the "are you freakin' kidding me?" book. New York State Senator Antoine Thompson, who has provided us much content over the years, is at it again.

This time around, WGRZ's Scott Brown pinned him down outside of a Thompson fundraiser, and the following exchange ensued:
Scott Brown: "Senator, the budget is more than 40 days late, you're having a fundraiser, how come we're not working on the budget here?"
Senator Antoine Thompson: "Well first let me say that many legislators are running for election this year, myself included, and I'm very committed to getting re-elected, as well as in addition to making sure we get the budget done too. "
Did this moron just say that he's not in Albany working on a budget because he's committed to getting re-elected? I believe he did. And I believe that this man is the epitome of everything that is wrong with this state. That answer shows exactly where his priorities are, and they don't include what's best for you and I. Just his own sorry ass.

This guy has a reputation in the press of not being the least bit accessible. He doesn't return media inquiries and he has his staff lie to the media to avoid questions like the one Brown posed. We all know why; because he is too damn stupid to know better. He can't handle it when a microphone is in his face.
Once again, he has shown that he is not fit to hold public office. Please join me in a little impromptu prayer to the political gods to get this lowlife out of Albany - say it out loud:

Lords of the political world,
hear my words today;
Take this incompetent asshole out of Albany,
there is indeed a way.

He has lead us down a path of destruction,
so let the voters of the 60th district be strong;
Show them the evil of this man's ways,
that a vote for him is oh so wrong.

The man is a thief, liar and cheat,
and only cares about himself;
Holding fundraisers while Albany burns,
concerned only with increasing his wealth.

He brings nothing of substance to Albany,
he doesn't know how to write legislation;
He only cares about his next photo-op,
and improving his tarnished reputation.

He votes against his own bills,
repeatedly looking like a damn fool;
He is unable to think for himself,
living his life as Sampson's mule.

So lords of the political world,
open your hearts and hear my pleas;
help us rid our lives of Antoine Thompson,
for he is a fucking disease.



Scott said...

Trust me, it's not just politics in your state, that's the state of politicians in 95% of the US. We need term limits for ALL politicians and we need them now.

anna said...

I am so tired of Antoine Thompson. Just today I received an announcement from him boasting his efforts. "THOMPSON HONORS SOLIDER THROUGH HIGHER LEARNING". Anyone with SPELL check can figure out how to produce campaign literature. Go back to school, Thompson, and let someone competent have a go at this.