May 24, 2010

State Parks Gets It Wrong

Sorry for the late start this morning, the finales of Lost (which I found extremely disappointing) and Celebrity Apprentice made for a late night.

This story on the WIVB website of volunteers maintaining the Wilson-Tuscarora State Park getting kicked out is offensive on so many levels. These are people who are willing to give their own time and spend their own money to preserve a vital part of their community, and the state is going to tell them to get out, they're not welcome.

As the piece says, if the state wants to close the park, so be it. But don't forbid members of the community who have nothing but the best of intentions from coming in and doing the cleanup and maintenance that is needed.

Kudos to Wilson Supervisor Joe Jastrzemski, Councilman Tom Thompson and the rest of the volunteers who took the lead on this. With Gov. David Paterson hinting towards keeping state parks open, this will hopefully be the last time this situation arises. If the parks stay closed, let's hope Jastrzemski, Thompson and the rest of the volunteers keep doing what they're doing. After all, what's the state going to do, arrest them for mowing?

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