May 21, 2010

NYPA Chronicles: To Test Or Not To Test

Last Friday, we broke the story of North Tonawanda Democratic Committee Chairman Mark Houghton landing a groundskeeper position at the New York Power Authority at about $50,000 a year. A week later, Buffalo News staffer Aaron Besecker jumped on our bandwagon, doing a follow-up story about the hiring.

In Besecker's piece, Houghton defends the hiring, saying, "Nobody got me a job.” Houghton went on to tell the News that he applied for a janitor job at the power authority in October and passed the test. We don't have any reason to believe that he didn't take a test, nor would we have any reason to doubt that he scored well enough to pass.

What do have a concern with is the massive inconsistencies in the hiring practices of the Power Authority. In fact, what we have learned should be cause for concern for the entire region.

It seems that NYPA does indeed have a test for critical positions such as groundskeepers and maintenance staff. What they don't have is a test for security personnel. It stems from Senator Antoine Thompson's repeated attempts to get his friends and family jobs in the security department within the Power Authority, and the repeated inability of these people to pass the required exam.

So Thompson had the New York Power Authority waive the security department exam that had previously been required for the sole purpose of ensuring employment for his friends and family. Yes, you read that correctly.

Since the waiving of the exam, Thompson has had NYPA hire a bevy of family and friends at the Niagara Power Project.

The Lewiston Power Project is the single largest terrorist target in the state. Because Antoine Thompson is bound and determined to find employment for his idiot friends and family, and because they're too stupid to pass a basic skills test, that facility is now at a greater risk than it was 18 months ago.


The Avenger said...

This stuff is getting well beyond political fatcats getting their friends jobs and more toward getting those completely unqualified into positions that put all of us and our families at risk.

Outrageous. It is time someone open up an investigation into what exactly is going on at NYPA and the Niagara Power Project.

Paladin said...

Hobbes, I want to believe this, but there's one part that doesn't add up:

Antoine Thompson can't possibly be smart enough to do that. I mean, to accomplish what you're crediting him with, he'd have to be able to dial a telephone, tie his own shoelaces, vote the right way on bills he's sponsoring, make threats in standard English...

Having witnessed the spectacle that is the Distinguished Gentleman from Buffalo, I can assure you that he is unable to do any of those things.

I mean, if Antoine killed someone in a state with the death penalty, they couldn't give him the chair because the Supreme Court won't let us execute the mentally retarded.

This guy couldn't supersize a Value Meal, never mind ladel out patronage to his equally-moronic family.