May 27, 2010

Note to Byron Brown: Keep Prospective Bosses from Seeing Your, um, Accomplishments

There were howls of indignation yesterday in certain political salons in Buffalo when it became known that Boy Cuomo took a pass on the campaign to name Mayor Byron Brown his running mate. After all, despite the requisite denials, Brown’s camp had been in overdrive this past week campaigning to add him to the presumptive Democratic ticket.
Incidentally, we’re told that Buffalo’s failed chief executive was so distraught over Cuomo’s sudden coming to terms with reality snub that he stayed at home and didn’t even go to the Democrat Party’s statewide convention this week. And, since Buffalo remains the second-largest city in the state, and the largest city in the Upstate, it’s kind of sad that Byron’s ruffled feathers mean his city will have no influence at his own party’s convention.
Still, we got a chuckle out of the leftwing ArtVoice’s take on the matter:
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown had been considered a candidate for the lieutenant governor slot, too, but [Rochester Mayor Robert] Duffy—who took office the same day as Brown—has built a strong case for himself: Rochester, for example, unlike Buffalo, is well regarded for its housing programs and its use of federal community development block grant funds.
And it should be noted that Cuomo got to see Byron Brown’s Buffalo miracle up-close-and-personal less than a month ago. We’re wondering if the Buffalo he saw looked like the one in this video, from the “Filthy Buffalo” blog:

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