May 6, 2010

Friday Ruminations

This piece from WGRZ further highlights just what a slimeball New York State Senator Antoine Thompson is. It describes how Thompson has made a full-time job out of delivering those over-sized checks we see all the time from politicians. The problem for Thompson is that many of the organizations that Thompson stood with for the precious photo-ops have not gotten their (our) money, and it has created a multitude of problems for those organizations. Watch the video in the link - watching Thompson squirm as the reporter questions him is priceless.

Former New York State Senator Joe Bruno was sentenced to two years in federal prison after being found guilty on two federal fraud counts. Although I am personally saddened because I've always respected him, Bruno had to get some jail time. Anything else would have unequivocally sent the wrong message that betraying the public's trust is acceptable. That being said, the Dems are already pouncing on the sentence for political fodder, which is a joke. Lest they forget about Espada, Monserrate, Spitzer, Rangel, Hevesi, Diaz, Smith, Paterson, Peoples and on and on. Of course, to expect anything else from Democrats in New York State would be expecting them to act like human beings.

I couldn't help from laughing out loud at this piece from the Buffalo News. A townhouse complex in Lockport is devastated that they won't be able to cheat the system by converting their units to condos, a move that would give them a huge savings on their city and school taxes. Too damn bad-pay your fair share just like everyone else. And the selfishness of attempting to do something like this knowing that the rest of the city's residents would have to pick up their share is sickening.

So the scumbags at the Niagara Gazette think the county legislature should stop picking on the New York Power Authority. Despite the fact that NYPA created a $77,500 part-time job for Elise Cusack, a Republican, the Gazette thinks the Leg is being political. Despite the fact that NYPA rapes this community at every turn, the Gazette thinks the Leg is being political. The reality is that the only reason the Gazette is criticizing this resolution is that it's sponsored by Assembly candidate John Ceretto, who's challenging Francine DelMonte, and the Gazette will do everything they can to protect her. The irony is that 90% of the people agree with the action, so by highlighting it in their paper, they just bring more positive attention to Ceretto.

After years of trying to sell the old infirmary on Davison Road with no success, Niagara County is finally going to try a different tactic, selling the property in an online auction. Whether or not it is the way to go remains to be seen, but letting it sit there off of the tax rolls surely wasn't working. What they need to do next is take the same approach with the Mt. View complex. The main building has now been vacant for years, and with a multi-million price tag, it will sit vacant for many more years to come. Take into consideration that the county has dumped hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars into maintaining the Shaw Building, which sits on the Mt. View campus, and you've got a recipe for taxpayer disaster. Hopefully the next county manager and Public Works Commissioner will understand this.

We talked about Malcolm Smith's comments about redistricting the GOP into oblivion if they hold the Senate majority this year. As diplomatic as we've been (okay, not so diplomatic) Ed Koch sums up Smith's comments quite succinctly when he calls Smith a "dope" in the interview below. Never at a loss for words, the colorful Koch is dead-on.


lewiston razor said...

The Gazette and the NYPA grab? Couldn't have said it better my self. And Dennis Virtuoso calling the county leg lawsuit "politics" Duh! Everything is politics isn't it Dennis? So why don't you tell us, Dennis how you managed to get Guy Bax fired, take his salary and then divert all the attention away from your self with regard to your long time relationship with John Gross....and all the work he's done on your more than 15 Niagara Falls homes that you own - that you bought through game playing in your position as a city building inspector (ethics violation? duh!) It was all politics wasn't it Dennis? Three letters for the distinguished minority leader and Al Pacino wannabe: F.B.I.

James T. Kirk said...

"Al Pacino wannabe" Ha!

The problem with Dennis is, when he looks in the mirror he sees Michael Corleone, while the rest of us see Fredo.

Rocketboy said...

Did you catch this:

"State Sen. Antoine M. Thompson says he was "almost killed" when a truck ran his SUV off the Thruway near Rochester in 2007, and he suffered a 25 percent tear to his rotator cuff.

Nearly three years later, Thompson and his wife filed suit in February against the driver and trucking company.

And a few weeks after filing that suit, Thompson also introduced legislation in the Senate that significantly expands the definition of "serious injury" in a personal injury lawsuit."