May 28, 2010

Assembly Democrats Value Cop-Killers More Than Cops

“Dumber than Antoine Thompson.”
That’s how a friend who works inside state government in Albany described the two downstate loons who proposed a bill in the New York State Assembly that would require cops to “shoot to wound.”
Apparently this pair of geniuses from Brooklyn, Assemblywoman Annette Robinson and Assemblyman Darryl Towns, would prefer that police aim for perps’ arms or legs, rather than shooting center-mass. In fact, their bill would even criminalize police who do take kill shots.
I can’t even begin to fathom what was going through their minds. No, wait, I can: a nearly-lethal dose of crack cocaine. That’s the only explanation for thinking this warped.
The most succinct summarizing thus far was by New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who said the bill “makes no sense to anyone who knows anything about law enforcement.” The Commish could have thrown in some other descriptions: insane, batshit, animal crackers. Any of them work.
Robinson, the genius behind this proposal, thinks that police are deliberately shooting criminals intent on killing them: “Not being a police officer, I would not be able to discuss the instance or the time that happens, but I do know that it happens, most often in the communities that I represent, and it happens too often.” What she fails to grasp is, for most of us, a dead criminal is a very satisfactory ending to any crime.
What race Towns and Robinson checked off on their Census forms will come as no shock to regular readers of this space, of course. Like so many other soft-on-crime New York pols, these two are members of the black community. These are the same kinds of people who see higher black incarceration rates and conclude that the criminal justice system is singling out the brothers. It’s fairly clear that Robinson and Towns are too dumb to understand the word “introspection,” but they’d do well to consider whether their tough-on-cops, soft-on-criminals approach is encouraging such disparity—and worse, for them, encouraging the astronomical rates of black-on-black crime. But hey, blame the cops. It’s easier.
One thing’s for certain, though. The Assembly’s Democratic majority can always be counted on for bad ideas. It would certainly be comforting if Assemblyperson Francine DelMonte would make her stance on this bill clear, because her position in that misguided majority means she may be called upon to support this monstrosity. Local media would do well to make her explain why she’s a part of a majority that apparently has more compassion for cop-killers than cops.

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