May 5, 2010

Accardo's Entrance Into 138th Race Benefits Ceretto

The news that former Niagara Falls City Council member John Accardo has decided to run a primary contest against do-nothing State Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte is great news...for John Ceretto. The lone announced Republican challenger of DelMonte, Ceretto will be the beneficiary of what will likely be a hard-fought and expensive primary between DelMonte and Accardo.

Accardo will be a formidable candidate. He is a proven vote-getter with a well known name. More importantly, he has the ability to raise the resources necessary to win this race. DelMonte will certainly have the resources; after all, Sheldon Silver isn't going to let his lapdog from Niagara County go down without a fight.

All of this works to Ceretto's advantage. A bruising primary will only expose DelMonte's multitude of weaknesses, setting the stage for what could be a new representative for the people of the 138th. Lord knows they could use one.


James T. Kirk said...

I met Mr. Ceretto a couple of times at the fire hall. He's a very plainspoken guy - not overly eloquent, but extremely honest, and principled. At least that's the impression I got.

I also remember Mr. Accardo from his time in Niagara Falls government. While I didn't always like where he was coming from, he had the "straight shooter" thing going for him.

Either man would be an asset to the voters, and both actually care about the WNY region. And those of us who read this blog know that the 138th can't go on without representation. The empty pantsuit who's there now is too busy ingratiating herself to Downstate interests. It would be nice to see the people take this seat back.

lewiston razor said...

Francine has come a long way from her childhood days in the Niagara Falls middle-class. Trouble is she doesn't remember ever being a Niagara Falls resident with a blue collar hard working father. She thinks she was born on Lower River road and the rest of us in Lewiston and the falls are a bunch of dummies that have to return her to office every two years so she can continue her no-show Albany job. She has sold out the district any number of times (just ask her pal "Richie" Kessel)and has contempt for the unwashed public that she allegedly represents. How the hell is she going to position herself in this political NYS climate for re-election? She is part of the Albany problem up to her ears. Gonna cut Sheldon loose to get re-elected, Francine? I can't wait to see how this primary plays out. Good luck to you, John Accardo, we're rooting for you!