April 21, 2010

Senate Dem's Robocalls Show Where Their Priorities Are

I've come to the conclusion that I have a man-crush on State Senator John DeFrancisco. The exchange below is absolutely priceless and, more importantly, dead on point. Just to set the stage, the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC) placed a robocall (automated message) into the districts of 13 Republican Senators across the state. The crux of the message is to accuse the respective GOP Senator of sitting on the sidelines while the state budget negotiations go on, long after the April 1st budget deadline has passed.

What the slimeballs at the DSCC fail to mention is the fact that the Democrats control every single facet of state government. Governor: David Paterson, Democrat; Comptroller: Tom DiNapoli, Democrat; Attorney General: Andrew "Prince" Cuomo, Democrat; Senate President: Malcolm Smith, Democrat; Senate Senate Majority Leader: Pedro Espada Jr., Democrat (Smith & Espada will be sharing a jail cell soon enough); State Assembly Speaker: Sheldon Silver. And the list goes on.

For them to have the audacity to drop such a blatantly misleading robocall into the districts of 13 GOP Senators shows they have no interest whatsoever in addressing the budget crisis that is facing the state. In fact, it shows that the only thing that they are concerned with is preserving their sickeningly dysfunctional and corrupt majority.

And where are our own Bill Stachowski and Antoine Thompson, the two Democrats (supposedly) representing the interests of Western New York in the Senate? Do they condone such sleazy tactics? Judging by their silence, one can only assume so.

Look...this is politics and it's a nasty game much of the time. But we're facing fiscal issues of historic proportion, and the Dems are more concerned with playing deceptive partisan politics than tackling the difficult challenges that must be addressed. That's not leadership. It is, however, where the Democratic Party has descended to on both a state and national level.

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