April 9, 2010

Paterson Making The Right Moves

Last I looked, this piece from Capitol Confidential had generated 206 reader comments. What has created such controversy? Governor David Paterson's decision to present a budget extender (budget extenders are presented when the state passes its April 1st budget deadline in order to keep the state functioning) that excludes the scheduled 4% raises for state PEF and CSEA employees.

Paterson is not eliminating the raises, which were negotiated at part of the proposal that implemented a Tier V retirement system, he is simply looking to delay the raises until the budget shakes out. That being said, Paterson is looking for significant concessions from the unions. Shockingly, they're not budging.

Despite the fact that New York is facing a $9.2 billion budget shortfall (this is what happens when you have Democratic leadership in the Senate, Assembly and executive), the unions won't budge an inch. They have complete and utter disdain for the taxpayers, and they will eat their young to ensure that they get every dime they believe they are entitled to.

Forget about the fact that they have the best health insurance plans and retirement benefits that the taxpayer's money can buy, they will continue to bleed each and every one of us dry until their is no one left but public sector employees. It's sickening. But this is what you get when John Sampson, Malcolm Smith, Sheldon Silver, David Paterson, Tom DiNapoli and Andrew Cuomo, all of whom are from in or around New York City, call the shots. Anyone living north of the Tappan Zee should remember that on election day.

As for Paterson, I'm more and more enamored with him each passing day. He's finally showing the balls that he should have been showing the past two years. Unfortunately, during that time, he was more concerned with getting elected. Since his announcement that he will not be seeking election in November, the only thing he needs to focus on is doing the people's business. And he's doing it.

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