April 19, 2010

Kudos To Chamber On Government Affairs Position

Kudos to the Niagara USA Chamber for creating and filling the new position of director of governmental affairs. In this day and age, it is imperative for a chamber to have an effective advocate for the business community. Public sector unions certainly have no shortage of mouthpieces across the region and state criticizing any and every person that would dare infringe upon their golden goose, the taxpayers; employers, the only ones who actually create jobs, must also have a voice.

The chamber, by creating this position, shows a strong willingness to get into the fight. The state is in dire financial straits, but people like Francine DelMonte and Antoine Thompson would rather use taxpayer dollars to fund projects around the county instead of using casino revenues. As you you recall, the two voted to take the share of casino revenue away from the towns and cities across the county to fund, among other things, rock concerts in Niagara Falls.

The members of the chamber have to be happy with this decision. The entire premise for a chamber is to be an advocate for the members. Even if it means a few more bucks in dues, the members obviously see that this is not an expense, but an investment in their future.

The individual that has been hired for the position, Kory Schuler, joins the chamber after a six year stint with an organization that has been one of our favorite topics, the New York Power Authority. He joins Deanna Brennen, Chamber president and chief executive officer, who has been very effective in her role.

Congratulations to Brennen and the chamber's board for having the foresight to create this position, it is certainly very much needed.

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Rocketboy said...

OT.. but did you catch The Buffalo News's fisking of Demler's radio show?

Hell, you only have to listen for a few minutes to know he's full of carp.