April 6, 2010

Cusack Nails $77,500 Part-Time Gig With NYPA

We've been critical of New York Power Authority board member Elise Cusack before, primarily because she is just one of two members of the board from Western New York, but has failed miserably at representing the interests of our community.

Board members don't receive direct compensation for their participation, but they do get some nice perks, including lavish getaways at four-star hotels and resorts. So, with Cusack, what would she be getting out of her involvement with NYPA if she is not going to be an advocate for our region? The pure joy of working for the betterment of the community? Doubtful. In this post from September of 2009, we stated of Cusack, "if you're going to sell your soul to the devil to make yourself politically relevant today, your time will most certainly come later. And it will."

Well, we were half right. Cusack's most definitely sold her soul and her time has come. Her silence has paid off for her. Unfortunately for the residents of Western New York, it has come in the form of a $77,500 per year part-time job with NYPA. Now we know just how much her soul cost.

NYPA President and CEO Richie Kessel, for all of his rhetoric and pandering, has shown himself to be no better than anyone who has come before him. He plays politics at every turn and will do anything and everything within his ability to strengthen himself politically.

As for Cusack, just look up the term "political whore" and you're sure to see her picture. It's a sad, sad commentary on the state of the Power Authority and one more reason why the residents of this state have had enough.


Paladin said...

You've got to be shitting me.

tomslick said...

Just another example of the New York State friends and families program. In order to qualify you need to sell out your area, have no conscience and be willing to screw everyone over to better your own financial well being. They get more while we get less.

The Avenger said...

Let's see a job description. What the hell is she actually doing to earn that paycheck. Richie Kessel and the whole NYPA board should be forced to resign over this. OUTRAGEOUS.

And what's more angering is when Kessel says Cusack is uniquely qualified for the job. Really? How? She was a backbencher legislator with zero accomplishments.