April 1, 2010

County Smoking Policy Moronic At Best

Niagara County's decision to possibly enact an unenforced smoking policy in county parks begs the question: why? For "public relations" according to Public Works Commissioner Kevin P. O’Brien.

Look....this is a no-brainer - don't waste your time. In case they've been living under a rock, county officials must know that the American people are sick and tired of government intervention in their life. To place a law on the books with no intention whatsoever to enforce that law is moronic at best.

And what about the cost? According to the Buffalo News, the proposal calls for the posting of no-smoking signs near beaches, splash parks, playgrounds, restrooms, warming houses and athletic fields. That's seems like an awful lot of signs, especially when you multiply that by a half a dozen very large parks. Did anyone think to ask how much this unenforced law will cost the taxpayers. Apparently not.

Drop this waste of time, waste of money and government-interfering proposal -we've all got better things to do with our lives.

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Mr. Pink said...

Either enforce it or don't pass it. Hobbes is probably a smoker so he's against this. I hate cigarettes so the more you do to get rid of them, the happier I am. But to have a policy that can't be enforced is bad for everyone. It brings into question what other local laws can you ignore and creates confusion.

For different reasons, I agree with Hobbes.