April 29, 2010

Black Panthers Bring Obama's Hope & Change To Polling Places

This is what our country has been reduced to. This is what Obama's "Hope & Change" has brought us. This is why so many across America are fed up with the so-called "leaders" of the United States. Just like Kevin Parker, the thugs in the videos below use threats, intimidation and violence to get what they want, while denying some Americans their right to vote.

This is not progress. If anything this is our country taking huge steps backwards. Socialization of the health care industry, the financial industry and the auto industry, massive tax increases, illegal immigration, unthinkable deficits, unending corruption and a greater and greater racial divide add up to a very bleak future for this country.


Barney said...

You are kidding us right! This is from 2008.

Hobbes said...

Oh, and race relations have gotten SO much better over that time! Who the hell made that comment, Kevin Parker?