March 11, 2010

Ross Takes The First Step, Now Take The Next One

Kudos to Legislature Chairman Bill Ross for empaneling the committee to being the process of hiring the next county manager. This is an important decision that impacts every facet of Niagara County Government.

I also applaud both Ross' choice of Niagara USA Chamber President Deannan Brennen and Minority Leader Dennis Virtuoso's choice of NU Professor David Reilly as the at-large citizens on the panel. These both appear to be sound choices.

I am particularly pleased to see Ms. Brennen on board as the business community needs to become a much louder voice in Niagara County. The only issues that really matter to people are jobs and taxes and in that regard we need a business organization that is leading the charge. Quite honestly, the business community has not been effective enough in speaking out in the past, but with Ms. Brennen's initial letter getting the ball rolling on this search process, hopefully we will see more from them going forward.

Now, with Ross taking this step, it is also time to negotiate a buyout of Greg Lewis' contract and send he and his I *heart* Niagara County button packing. For a lame duck, Lewis is doing all he can to protect his cronies. He tried to ram through a huge contract for his chosen homeland security consultant and he wants to make appointments to fill vacancies that would saddle the next county manager with Team Lewis losers.

Greg, did you ever hear of letting the next coach pick his own team? The fact is you have spent the last two years trying to get out of Niagara County and we have spent the last two trying to push you out. Let's do each other a favor and end this failed marriage pronto.

To Bill Ross, it's time to let go and move on. Delaying the inevitable will only make the next county manager's job that much harder.

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The Avenger said...

Never leave a guy in charge when you have one foot out the door. Bad policy gets made by lameducks. Time for Bill Ross to end his love affair with Lewis and do the right thing....get him outta here!!!!