March 3, 2010

The Rat Fights For Survival

Because the odds of someone reading of Hiram Monserrate in any other local media outlet besides this blog are virtually nil (Lord know that none of the local rags will cover it - of course, if The Rat was a Republican, they'd be having a field day with it), we figured it would be relevant to point out the fact that the recently expelled former Democratic Senator from Queens is not quite done fighting for his political life.

Because of the Senate's expulsion, the 13th Senate District seat now sits vacant. Governor David Paterson has called a special election to fill the seat, which will be held on March 16. The odds-on favorite is Assemblyman Jose Peralta. His opponent? Hiram Monserrate. While continuing to fight his expulsion, Monserrate has gathered enough signatures to earn a spot on the ballot - no small feat in itself. And nobody is counting him out, despite the fact that he is forced to run on a minor party line, he has no money and he has no endorsements. But in district with deep religious roots, Monserrate's anti-gay marriage could heavily sway voters.

The bottom line is that the Senate did the right thing by throwing him out. The injustice is that he is even on the streets, not behind bars where he belongs. That being said, because he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and not a felony, he is well within his right to seek the seat. If the people of that district believe that he is the right man for the job, despite the baggage that he brings with him, he may well be sitting right back in Senate chambers on March 17.

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