March 17, 2010

Don't Be That Guy

Memo to former Town of Wheatfield Supervisor Tim Demler: You don't hold that office anymore. There's no need to wear your "Office of the Supervisor - Town of Wheatfield" jacket to the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Buffalo, two and a half months after your term finished.

Sadly, this reminds me of the guy - come on, you all knew one - who insisted on wearing his varsity letter jacket for months, if not years, after graduating high school. Don't be that guy, Tim.

Oh, and by the way, if that jacket was paid for with taxpayer dollars, maybe you should consider slipping it under the door of Bob Cliffe's office-where it belongs.


WTF_Niagara said...

Really... his jacket?

Niagara County is a mess and has serious issues to go after, and you jab at Demler for his jacket?

So, the next time Jim Kelly wears his #12 jersey are you going to call him out. I mean, really, its been decades since his glory years.

You've been on top of serious issues, like Greg Lewis. But with Demler it seems personal. Since he's out of office with no power, is it just for some entertainment value?

The Avenger said...

Definitely for entertainment value as I found it very funny. Hobbes blogs every day which can't be easy so if he throws one up purely for shits and giggles, he's allowed.

HopeUdiesoon said...

Tim, apparently reality hasn't set in you left office in disgrace. There is know where for you to go, you left the town with a $700,000 defacit your radio show is a joke, you look like you are 62 years old even though you just turned 50. I was at a bar lastnight and there was a gentlemen playing bagpipes I asked him if he knew you and he said yes and that you are a jerk and have always been one. There was a women there from Wheatfield there that said she hated your guts that you were a pig and a cheat. I haven't found anyone that likes you. Why don't you pack up and leave town, your business is in toilet and your radio show is a joke.
The Wheatfield Town Hall doesn't smell like a cigarettes anymore and it is a pleasure to work there without hearing you scream all the time and we don't have to see your clowns that follow you like a lost puppy. We are happy your girlfriend isn't there much between having her hours cut and her calling in sick do to the Irish flu. The Town Hall is a nice place to work now. Just got to get rid of one more person and it will be perfect.