March 15, 2010

DiNapoli Brings His Dog & Pony Show To Niagara

This piece by Mike Hudson of the Niagara Falls Reporter asks some extremely relevant questions about the recent hullabaloo surrounding former Niagara County Treasurer Dave Broderick. Specifically, was there any criminal activity undertaken by Broderick in his handling of estates. Despite being asked the questions repeatedly, New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, who made the taxpayer subsidized trip from Albany to reveal his great findings, never answered the question. Instead, he used ambiguous terms like "he (Broderick) cut corners" to accentuate the need for this 300 mile trip east.

Look....we could care less about Broderick. For 37 years, he served at the will of the people of Niagara County. They are the ones who deemed him worthy of the position of Niagara County Treasurer. If there were improprieties in his work, he needs to answer for them. But this dog and pony show put on by DiNapoli was a complete joke. It was politically motivated by a man whose name recognition is so low that he will do anything and everything he can to get his name ID up. DiNapoli, who like David Paterson is unelected, is going into the election season with a slew of opponents lining up against him within his own party.

The lone announced Republican, Harry Wilson, just happened to be in Niagara County on Thursday, meeting with party leaders and serving as the guest speaker at the county GOP dinner held at Suzanne's Fine Dining in Wheatfield. Wilson's scheduled appearance in Niagara County had been advertised on the GOP's website for weeks. Does anyone in their right mind actually think that it was a coincidence that DiNapoli just happened to show up in the county the day after his GOP rival made an appearance? If you do, you'd probably want to keep that to yourself.

The bottom line is that if Broderick did anything illegal, which has not been determined, appropriate actions must be taken. But for the people of this community and this state to be subjected to what amounted to nothing more than an unsubstantiated political hit job on a long-serving Republican at the hands of a grandstanding, non-elected Democrat hoping to do score political points is an unacceptable and blatant misuse of taxpayer funds.

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Hey, Mr. Minority Leader, be careful about who you accuse of misusing goverment services or someone might take a look at how you operate your lucrative property management business on city time.