March 18, 2010

Did Rahm Emanuel Have A Vendetta Against Eric Massa?

The following post comes to us courtesy of our friends at Monroe Rising:

This video really makes you wonder if there’s something to disgraced Democratic former Congressman Eric Massa’s claim that President Obama’s pit bull attack dog Rahm Emanuel did in fact have it out for Massa. I mean, how would you like to find out someone you were having a private conversation with was mic-ed up and secretly taping you and that the conversation would end up in a documentary film for the world to see?

Now don’t get me wrong. In my opinion, Eric Massa is a freak of nature who by his own admission thinks it’s perfectly fine to act inappropriately with those who work underneath him. I also found it hysterical when Massa said, “I am who I am” and “I’m not very refinable.” Unfortunately Eric, we’ve come to learn who you really are and wish you had been refinable.

That said, after watching this video I am inclined to go back to my thinking that there really was a bigger fish getting fried with his ouster. How ’bout that veteran, former Senator saying Emanuel should go F*** himself? I wonder what happened to THAT guy?

Someone should go check up on him.

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