March 29, 2010

Bush Threats Ignored For Years

Congresspeople are having bricks thrown through their windows and threatening voice mails left on their answering machines. And the media is covering these incidents like someone was gunned down on Main Street.

But where was the media when G.W. Bush was threatened on virtually a daily basis? And we're not talking some subtle reference to doing Bush harm - we're talking overt, direct threats against the President of the United States. And where was the Secret Service? Is it not their responsibility to investigate threats against the President?

This piece goes in-depth about the fact that death threats against Bush were ignored for years. Now we have cowards like Louise Slaughter, who didn't know that she actually had an office in Niagara Falls until someone tossed a brick through the window there, playing the victim. It's contradictory, hypocritical and indicative of just how low these people will go to play the sympathy card and just how willing the media is in allowing them to succeed at it.

The pictures below are just a small sampling of the widespread threats that were made against Bush. Something tells me that if the name "Obama" were to be substituted for the name "Bush" on these signs, the outcome for those carrying them would be very, very different.

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