March 15, 2010

Breaking News: Niagara County Treasurer

Sources have told us that Niagara County Legislator Kyle Andrews will be sworn-in within the next hour or so as the next Niagara County Treasurer, replacing Dave Broderick who resigned in disgrace a few weeks ago.

This appointment was solely the Governor's call and shows the power that former Sheriff Tom Beilein still wields in Democratic circles. It had been expected that Assemblywoman DelMonte would push through either Niagara Falls Bridge Commissioner Pat Brown (who lost to Broderick) or former Lewiston Supervisor Fred Newlin for the gig, but it appears that Beilein trumped her efforts with Andrews. The appointment is only good until November, when Andrews must run for the full-term.

Given that Andrews, a former attorney at Harris Beach, which is also home to former Niagara County GOP Chair Henry Wojtaszek, has strong ties on both sides of the aisle, it will be interesting to see what candidates emerge from either party to challenge him.

In addition, the County Super Majority Caucus gains a seat as Andrews will stop down from the Legislature to assume the Treasurer post. Expect the process to begin almost immediately to pick his replacement. This will mean the Majority grows to 15-4.....a number unheard of in these parts.

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lewiston razor said...

What is this little charade being played with the county dems endorsing "Democrat" Kyle Andrews? Are the county dems so delusional that they actually believe he's one of them? Duh! If he was a Democrat he would have made a public statement calling for a Democrat to be his replacement in the leg.