February 11, 2010

Thompson's Actions On Monserrate Simply Despicable

We've talked about New York State Senator Hiram Monserrate before, including pieces here, here and this post, in which we speculated as to whether Senator Antoine Thompson would support Monserrate, the lawmaker convicted in the assault on his girlfriend. In case you don't recall, he was charged with slashing his girlfriend's face with a broken glass and then forcibly pulling her down a hall on the way to the hospital.

Two nights ago the Senate voted to expel Monserrate. When we got word that Thompson was one of a handful of Senators who opposed the expulsion of Monserrate, we immediately began a post condemning Thompson. As more news of the vote became public, some confusion arose on our end as to whether to not Thompson had supported or opposed the expulsion vote. Apparently, we were not alone. In fact, it seems that Thompson himself is unsure of how he voted.

As this piece by Tom Precious of the Buffalo News states, two times after the vote Thompson told the media that he "did not vote yes", obviously leaving just one other option, that being that he voted no. But the record shows Thompson as a "yes" vote, meaning that officially, he supported the expulsion. So why was he telling the media that he opposed the expulsion of Monserrate when he was recorded in the affirmative? Because he misspoke due to his being tired and groggy.

Even as Precious sought to get clarification on his vote, Thompson continued to wallow in the world of ambiguity, saying "I voted for the bill even though I thought the due process [for Monserrate] should have played out". Thompson opposed the resolution, but was unable to make his way to his chair to cast his overwhelming support for his colleague who slashed his girlfriend's face, requiring 40 stitches. What an inspiration.

Antoine Thompson attempted to deceive the Senate, his constituents and the people of the State of New York. His excuse of being tired and groggy is despicable. If he is not up to the physical and mental rigors of being a state senator, he should resign. In addition, he continues to fail the people he was elected to represent, repeatedly casting his votes based on his desire to curry favor with the New York City-based leadership that leads his caucus, as opposed to what's best for his district.

The public comments in the Precious piece are harsh, but they express the ongoing frustration that the people of the 60th Senate District have with Thompson. We share that frustration. Thompson has shown time and time again that he is unfit to serve in his current capacity. He is widely believed to be the least intelligent person in the Senate, and he does little to dispel that image. If the Democratic Party endorses him for another term, it will be an injustice to the people of the district. If the voters are idiotic enough to send him back to Albany, they deserve what they get. Unfortunately, the rest of us will suffer for it.


Nick said...

Thompson says he was was "tired and sick."

Well, WNY voters are "sick and tired" of duplicitous, self-serving and dishonest politicians.
Throw him out!

The Avenger said...

Poll Question: Which is the greatest Antoine Thompson blunder.

1) This current nonsense of being so sick he didn't know how he voted.

2) When he stood on the Senate floor and voted against a bill he sponsored

3) When he introduced legislation in the middle of a recession to give state workers more time off to spend with their families.

Discuss amongst yourselves.