February 22, 2010

NCCC Faculty Living In A World Of Denial

When I read this story in yesterday's Buffalo News about Niagara County Community College President James Klyczyk's desire to get a hold on the "unsustainable" salary levels at the school, my first thought was, "good luck with that Jim....the self-indulgent staff at NCCC aren't going to give up a damn thing".

The reporter articulates the usual points you'd find in any story about an overpaid, overstaffed and underwhelming public sector union. The college drives the point that salaries and benefits need to be brought in line, and the union leader cries like a little bitch that someone dares to attempt to infringe upon the very livelihood that his poor, poor members have worked so hard to achieve while sitting at a desk.

Look....just because you can't get a job in the real world and figured that it'd be easier to go teach Marketing 101 at an obscure community college, that doesn't mean anyone owes you a goddamn thing. There are thousands of people across the Western New York community that can do exactly what you do. I'd go as far as to venture that if Klyczek were to fire every single member of the faculty and replace them with a new set of applicants, the college, and the students, would not miss a beat.

The union's chief propaganda minister, Joe Colosi is having nothing to do with Klyczek's idea of reigning in salaries. "From our perspective, the administration is just asking for too much in the way of change over one contract", said Colosi. Well Joey, I've just appointed myself the head negotiator for the people of this community, and I'm telling you that you're asking for way too much from the taxpayers of Niagara County.

As nauseating as having to read about the leeches in the story is, the public comment section that follows the story is even more sickening. Obviously someone from the union made the phone call initiating the phone tree. Undoubtedly the message was to get on the Buffalo News message board to defend their existence. It is filled with comment after comment by the staff.

Comments include "the faculty would have been more than willing to work with the college to save money", "had Klyczek been more reasonable during our first round of negotiations, the faculty could have made some concessions", "the money problem is not with teachers it is with administration", "Where does it all go? Answer not to the teachers", "Its called "socialism", coming soon to your profession curtescy of the Buffalonews" (and yes, they spelled courtesy the way it's in the quote!), "President Klyczek has created a toxic and hostile environment at what used to be a great place to learn and teach", "Klyczek talks out of both sides of his mouth patronizing an outstanding and deeply committed group of professors", "Klyczek has created a vast divide between administration and faculty" and "Good will and good faith at the college is a thing of the past, a tradition that Klyczek ignores and is doing his best to destroy".

Fuck all of you whiny fuckers. Nobody owes you a fucking thing.

We're going to help Klyczek take care of this mess - go Ronald Reagan on their asses. Like Reagan did to the air traffic controllers in 1981, Klyczek needs to fire the whole damn bunch and start over. If air traffic can go on unimpeded after all of the controllers were shitcanned, I think Niagara County Community College would be just fine.

Is it dramatic? Sure it is. But we, the taxpayers, are not going to tolerate this bullshit anymore. Obama is spending trillions, the state is billions in debt, school taxes are out of control and the only one getting screwed is the taxpayer. Enough is enough.

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