February 10, 2010

Gibbs' Action Classless

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is a classless piece of shit. Taking a page out of a 5th-grader's handbook, Gibbs mocked Sarah Palin by writing a list of words on his hand. Yes, Palin had written some words on her hand at a Tea party event, but seriously, what is Gibbs hoping to achieve by stooping to such a low level?

Did she leave herself open to some criticism? Sure, but it should be on Saturday Night Live, not at a White House press briefing. This is another show of arrogance from the Obama administration, and one more reason for people to be completely disgusted by the people Obama has chosen to surround himself with.

1 comment:

Dark Knight said...

You know, at first I thought you were wrong on this Hobbes but then you nailed it. Sure, Palin should be the butt of a few jokes for the hand writing thing, but it should be SNL or Letterman and not the White House Press Briefing.

The whole Obama Administration is about being cute and funny...a littler serious, grownup behavior would be nice.