February 26, 2010

Friday Ruminations

You've certainly heard about the latest mess Governor David Paterson finds himself in. What's even more interesting to follow is the rhetoric that follows from his Democratic colleagues in the state legislature. Take for instance, this gem from Syracuse-area State Senator David Valesky: New York State needs strong leadership. I am increasingly concerned about Governor Paterson’s ability to provide that leadership. Way to go out on a limb, Dave. Are you also concerned about the ability of rain to be wet?

Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel of Harlem, one of the most powerful members of Congress, looks like he's going to be joining Paterson on the sidelines....not soon enough as far as we're concerned. Rangel knowingly accepted Caribbean trips in violation of House rules that forbid hidden financing by corporations. Between Rangel, Paterson & Monserrate, we've got a new group of Three Amigos. Once thug Kevin Parker is convicted, they'll really have a party on their hands - women are advised to stay away.

New York State GOP candidate Rick Lazio is dead-on in his calling for presumed opponent and state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to recuse himself in the investigation into the allegations against Paterson by the A.G.'s office. The entire planet knows that Cuomo is running against Paterson (though we wholeheartedly agree with Paterson's assertion that Cuomo needs to stop slinking in the shadows and to publicly state his positions on the issues). The last thing we need is a political hack like Cuomo overseeing the investigation of the man he will be challenging.

We're also highly sick of Harold Ford Jr. who for the past month and a half has been traveling the state speaking to any and every club, group, organization and association that will have him under the guise of "exploring" a run for Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and acts like a duck, it's a duck. Stop this charade and announce your intentions.

Antoine Thompson, teen power-lifter. Just watch it.

On the website of the local rag, the current poll question reads: It appears the last leagl hurdle has been cleared for Walmart to finally proceed with the proposed supercenter. Are you in favor of the store or not?

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