February 12, 2010

DelMonte's Twisted Justifications

We've talked several times about Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte's stealing of the county's share of the casino revenues and diverting them to Niagara Falls for, as she claimed, road repairs. Other cities and towns had used their share to fund tourism and economic development initiatives across the county. Delmonte has stood by her decision, despite the fact that the city has used the share that was taken from the county for very similar purposes, including a New Year's Eve ball drop and a series of concerts.

Her hypocrisy runs past deep, straight into the abyss.

Subsequently, an astute follower of this blog told us that at DelMonte's Town Hall meeting in Newfane Wednesday night, she blamed the county's lawsuits against NYPA and the City of Niagara Falls for equitable distribution of the casino revenues as the reason that the festivals and events that had previously benefited from the casino revenues will now suffer from a lack of funds. She stated to someone who had questioned her on the issue, "if the county stopped spending money on litigation, they'd still have money for the festivals. Your issue is with the county".

This is problematic for her. She is stating publicly that she opposes the county's litigation efforts to reverse the state's $550 million sweep of New York Power Authority funds, revenues that are primarily generated on the backs of Niagara County residents. If she opposes this litigation, she supports the sweep. That's sickening, and she's sickening for putting the interests of Sheldon Silver and his New York City pals over the interests of the people who put her pathetic ass in office.

Her actions of snaking the minuscule share of the casino revenues away from the other towns in her district and re-allocating those dollars to Niagara Falls are nothing but a great, big F*** YOU to those towns. And she has the nerve to blame the county legislature, the only governmental body in this county looking out for her constituents. The irony is that she is blaming the county for initiating legislation caused by her actions. How she fails to see this and how she continues to deny her role and responsibility in this is mind-boggling.

Fortunately, the voters in this state are starting to wake up, as evidenced by Republicans winning three of four special Assembly elections Tuesday. The voters are beginning to understand that one party rule is a bad thing. They see that having every statewide elected official, the Senate and the Assembly under the control of the Democratic Party is a disaster.

Delmonte knows that she's going to have a problem in November, that's why she's out there holding this series of town hall meetings - she knows that it's time to get into election mode, that she has plenty of damage control to do to try to justify her horrible decisions. Unfortunately for her, some pretty prominent names are being floated about as possible challengers. Fortunately for the voters, they'll have the opportunity to dump DelMonte. Let's hope they don't blow it.

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