February 17, 2010

DelMonte Town Hall Turns Ugly

Word has been pouring into Niagara Times over the past 12 hours of accusations of thuggery and intimidation at the hands of Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte at her Town Hall meeting at the LaSalle Branch of the Niagara Falls library last night.

Delmonte, who held the third in a series of four meeting across her district, apparently brought an army of young punks whose sole purpose was to inhibit the ability of Francine's constituents to ask her any questions she deemed inappropriate.

She started the meeting by introducing a young man who we're told was there to videotape the meeting as part of his college government class as "a republican photographer". No one knows how the hell she came to that conclusion.

Things deteriorated from there.

In acts of intimidation that would have made the old Local 91 proud, DelMonte strategically positioned her goon squad around the room. Her Legislative Director, Nicky Melson, then directed the punks via text message where to stand and what to say. Melson, at DelMonte's direction, moved the team about the room with the explicit purpose of impeding the videotaping of the event. At one point, we're told, one of DelMonte's guys made physical contact with the young man attempting to video the public meeting. This is after repeatedly intentionally standing in front of the young man, forcing him to move his position multiple times.

DelMonte, obviously rattled by questions asked of her at the two previous town hall meetings, placed her goons throughout the room. When constituents would ask questions, the goons were literally shouting down the persons asking the questions. It was described to us as "a sickening display by DelMonte and her minions to kill the democratic process".

Now, we've made no secret of our disdain for DelMonte, so some may state that we're giving just one side of the story. But from what we're told, a reporter from the Niagara Gazette was at the meeting, and the methods employed by DelMonte, Melson and the rest of the goon squad were far from subtle. It will be very interesting to see if the Gazette actually has the balls to report on what everyone else in the room saw as plain as day.

It's obvious that the prospect of the upcoming campaign season is already getting to DelMonte, and it's only February. If these are the tactics that she is going to employ for the next nine months, she has lost the right to hold public office. Let's hope the people of the 138th Assembly District agree.


Pat said...

Your description of DelMonte's Town Hall is totally accurate! The only way you got a chance to say anything was if you were on a first name basis with her. She prefaced her presentation with a warning that she would not tolerate disrespect. What she actually meant to say was she would not tolerate dissent. I did attempt to hold her accountable but was shouted down by the goons in the back. All I can say is wake up Niagara!

James T. Kirk said...


This sounds suspiciously like the tactics of the national Democrat Party's Congressmen and Senators during townhall meetings last summer. You'll recall that, after local residents started pressing them on Obamacare, and demanding answers, they started to bring in SEIU thugs.

Not that Francine DelMonte would adopt thuggish tactics, of course. Never.

Noah said...

This is a joke. The people getting shot down were the ones that were trying to interrupt her every time she attempted to speak and the people shooting them down were neighborhood people trying to hear what she had to say. People went there with the sole intention to make go on belligerent tirates to heckle her. Maybe you guys should be talking about the anonymous voice recording everyone in LaSalle re4cieved full of fallacies about DelMonte. I can't believe these cowards are fighting dirty when no one has even announced that they will be running for the seat. Unreal.

Pat said...

Excuse me Noah. You were obviously part of the hecklers. We are all residents of DelMonte's district and we deserved answers. You tell me what she has done for this city and the surrounding towns. The only people who were selected to ask questions were people she knew by name. Melson and his buddies were texting the guys in the back to create a major disturbance when anyone other than DelMonte's chosen even tried to speak up. What do you call fighting dirty. Having a voice in a democracy?

Sweaterman said...

The behavior by an Assemblyman is appalling. After this summer with all of the congressional town hall meeting, she should have known that there would be members of the audience that would be there to express disdain for the way she does things. She should also have know that in todays 24 hour news cycle and advancement in technology that she would be videotaped.

Francine! Rise above the pettiness. Do your job. Go about your business and represent your constituents. A public official should always be aware of whats going on and go with it. So what if you are taped..are you hiding something....are you self-aware that your policies are hurting the 138th District? Just answer the questions!!!

Your arrogance will be your downfall.

By the way...one has to wonder if you have any political clout, seeing as how little nicky lost his county legilative race.

I have had it....10 years is enough!

Rocketboy said...

So, where's the video that was taken?

Or are you just repeating un-sourced material again Hobbes?

The Avenger said...

What's wrong with mixing it up. Quite frankly, the politicians and their town hall meetings have been a waste of time until this past summer. Let both sides fill a room and let's get at it. If it gets heated, so be it.

The fact is Francine and her ilk are used to ramming things through in Albany that screw Upstate and then coming home and telling us how they fought for us. Hell, DelMonte's bosses even let her vote off from time to time so she can give the illusion of doing the right thing.

No, these politicians like DelMonte are insulted that anyone would dare question them let alone oppose them in a campaign. They feel they should win by acclamation.

Tom said...

So just what was accomplished at that meeting besides her ever growing arrogance. I had about enough of her and her hired gang. I think this next election should prove to be very interesting.