February 4, 2010

Air Pelosi: Like a Frat Party from Hell

The inherent left-wing tilt of the mainstream media has been in full view this past week as the members of the Fourth Estate have, by and large, ignored a story about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that would have already brought down virtually any Republican politician guilty of similar behavior.
For those of us who pay regular attention to political news, this has been brewing for a good three years. Shortly after San Fran Nan became Speaker of the House, she began demanding military aircraft to transport her between Washington and San Francisco every weekend. A year ago, the right-wing activist lawyers at Judicial Watch made a bit of a splash by demonstrating through Freedom of Information Act requests that the Speaker was using military aircraft “like a personal airline.”
Well, now we know that the botoxed socialist has run up at least $3.2 million in charges to the American taxpayer (that’d be YOU) to fly her and her family off to various exotic and mundane locales. Actually, frequently the passengers being shuttled around were just her adult children—no Madame Speaker in sight, accounting for $2.1 million of that bill. It gets better, though: $101,000 of that pricetag is the bar tab.
A $101,000 bar tab over the course of two years: That means the average bar and grocery bill on Air Pelosi was a cool thousand bucks a week! Now, at Casa de Hobbes, we’re gearing up for Sunday’s Big Game. We’re planning on have quite a few friends over. And we went out and bought food, adult beverages, football-shaped chip bowls, plates with Colts logos, etc. and had a hard time spending more than $150. So, what kind of frat party from hell must she have been throwing week in and week out on the U.S. taxpayer’s tab to spend $101,000?
And come to think of it, why in hell are we responsible for her bar tab anyway? Did she only fly on ladies’ night? Or does the federal government pick up all of its employees’ bar tabs when they travel? Because, with the federal payroll beefing up to 2.15 million employees this year, that could get pretty expensive—and we’ll be sending our employment application in right away.
Watching government, we’ve learned that no party is immune from the piggy behavior of some of its elected officials. But it sure seems like Nancy Pelosi has an awful big sense of entitlement. And it irks us to no end that she expects us to pay for it, and that, other than Fox, no one in the news media seems to think this issue is worth reporting on.
Pelosi needs to be held accountable. We don’t know what this fall’s elections portend, but if the GOP does take back either house of Congress, we’d hope someone would decide to give Speaker Pelosi’s receipts the once-over.
We just hope the taxpayers don't end up getting stuck buying another round.

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