January 20, 2010

"This Is The People's Seat!"

And with those resounding words, Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown became the newest member of the United State Senate in a race that, as we discussed a few days earlier, was unequivocally a referendum on the policies of Barack Obama.

If the races in Virginia, New Jersey and now Massachusetts don't open the eyes of politicians in both Albany and Washington, nothing will - they'll just find themselves out on their collective asses. No incumbent is safe anymore because the American people have been rejuvenated like I've never seen.

As for Scott Brown, this guy is a star. Not in the Obama-esque sense of the word, with his celebrity magazine cover shots and Leno appearances, but a star of the disheartened American people. He delivered one of the greatest acceptance speeches I've ever had the pleasure of watching - and he did it without a teleprompter.

The fighting between the Washington Democrats and the Martha Coakley staffers has been astounding. It's amazing how quickly they run for cover and how eager they are to throw their Democratic brethren under the bus. The party is in complete and utter shambles, and Massachusetts voters sent a message of an unprecedented magnitude Tuesday night.

Take a moment to view the below video which encapsulates the frustration of the American people. As of now, it has been viewed nearly 800,000 times.

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