January 18, 2010

The System Did Not Work

I don't know much about the organization that created the video below, keepamericasafe.com, but I know the message they're sending is dead on. This country is unequivocally at risk with Obama and incompetent Janet Napolitano leading our Homeland Security efforts. Her initial claim that "the system worked" after a terrorist tried to bring down Northwest Airlines Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit should send shivers down your spine.

Obama, for his part, showed his concern by not letting such a minor distraction interrupt his family vacation. After all, there were only 289 people on that flight who nearly lost there lives, if not for the brave passengers who stopped this maniac. Maybe that's part of Obama's plan - to let the passengers handle these incidents on a case by case basis. They're doing a helluva better job at it than Obama and Napolitano. And he did already have a tee time scheduled. Lord knows how difficult it must be to get one at Hawaii's finest courses. And let us not forget, the system worked.

What really boggles my mind is why someone would target the United States in the first place. I thought that when they elected Obama, our image on the global stage was going to immediately change. The war monger, they claimed, was out of office. All of the hatred towards America would be gone with the blink of an eye. At least that's what they believed when they pulled that lever. They bought that "Change You Can Believe In" bullshit.

Now, with our country facing double digit unemployment, an economy that continues to slide, an increase in troops to the Middle East, trillions of dollars in spending and debt, a president who makes Chuck Schumer look shy when it comes to photo ops, the socialization of the auto, banking and health care industries and an overall sense of despair among Americans, that "change" that so many hoped for is now as much of a reality as the magical land of Oz. But that won't stop Obama from making his next scheduled appearance on Leno or make him think twice about his next "People" magazine cover shot. He is, after all, a Hollywood star.

Tuesday's special election in Massachusetts between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley is absolutely a referendum on Obama. If Brown, who just a few weeks ago was down 31 points, can win in this state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-1, the Democratic Party has got a huge problem on its hands, and that problem resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Just don't ask him to cut short his basketball game to address it.

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