January 6, 2010

Speed Up that Countdown Clock

Greg Lewis has announced that he will not seek another appointment as Niagara County Manager. We give kudos to Greg for being able to read the hand writing on the wall. There's an old saying that when they are about to run you out of town, grab a baton and make it a parade.

We are told that Lewis has several months of vacation time which could see him packing his bags for good and leaving Lockport in May or June. We recommend that the Legislature begin the search immediately with the goal of selecting a new county manager some time during the first quarter of this year and then buyout the few months of Lewis' contract before the vacation time kicks in.

Of course, we have been harsh critics of Lewis as we believe he punted on many of the tough decisions, especially on the budget. Lewis would come in with big tax increases and the Legislators would reduce them down by reducing budget lines....and the Lewis would take credit for fiscal prudence. His campus plan was a joke and detracted from a serious discussion that still needs to be had about court consolidation in Niagara County. And he never became a face for the county in pursuing federal dollars for key projects. To the contrary, his public persona was more of an embarrassment than a help.

But it's time to begin to put his tenure behind us and move on. The Legislature has a golden opportunity to move this County ahead....I hope they are ready to seize that challenge.

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