January 4, 2010

Piss Off, Demler

Welcome to 2010, let's get to it.

We'll start things off by saying good riddance to former Wheatfield Supervisor Tim Demler. I've seen this guy's mug way too much over the past few days. Demler, who was beaten by in the GOP Primary by incoming supervisor Bob Cliffe, did his very best to make himself out the martyr in his final weeks.

But what's too sickening to stomach are his attempts to make himself out to be some kindhearted person who only cared about the community. What a bunch of bullshit. In this piece from the Buffalo News, Denise Gee writes of Demler, "fourteen years as supervisor, he said, has changed him — he believes he’s more compassionate than his younger self".

In this piece from the Niagara Gazette, Mark Scheer writes, "outgoing Wheatfield Supervisor Timothy Demler, who has long been a supporter of the Oz effort, said he hopes “in his heart of hearts” that it does and believes it still has the potential to move forward."

You're so deep, Tim. You're compassionate. You hope in your heart of hearts. Wow. I have goosebumps.

Seriously, maybe that works with the married women you're bedding, but no one else cares.

Maybe if you had refrained from the hyperbole, you'd still be in office. But, as we're all painfully aware of after watching years of town board meetings, you love to hear yourself talk. Well, you now have plenty of time to enjoy with yourself.

Oh, and be sure to keep all of that speculation alive as to what your future holds. We're so interested in what you do, Mr. Former Lieutenant Governor candidate.

For now, just crawl back under that immoral rock you live under and hope that all of the other allegations of misdeeds stay buried.

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The Avenger said...

Hobbes,I just know 2010 is going to be different and that Oz will finally gets its financing. You just need to have the courage to believe.

-- The Cowardly Lion