January 14, 2010

Niagara Chamber is Right About Replacing Lewis

The Niagara USA Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to county legislators urging them to immediately begin the process to find the next county manager. Even though technically Lewis could be here for another 10 months (see the Greg Lewis countdown clock on the left for the exact time left on his contract), the fact is no one thinks he'll last that long.

And regardless, finding the right person for this job and not making a mistake like we did with Lewis is best done through a quality process. Look, Lewis has been a decent process guy but in areas like vision, leadership, communication and restructuring, he has been weak at best to an abject failure at worse. Perhaps if the Legislature had taken more time, they would have chosen better.

(For example, one of the questions in this process should be: Do you swear never to wear a huge I *heart* Niagara County pin that makes you look like a complete putz.)

The other interesting proposal by the chamber is to have professional business people do some initial screening to create a list of top tier candidates. This sounds like a good idea to us as it will make sure no unqualified hacks are slipped through the process. The fact that the chamber seems willing to get some of its professional members to perform this task is even better as this vetting process wouldn't then cost taxpayers anything.

Although it seems like the Legislature has plenty of time to begin its process, we all know how fast time moves. Hopefully, the Chamber's letter will nudge the Legislature to get moving.

After all, the sooner we send Greg Lewis packing the better.

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