January 6, 2010

Kudos To Kiedrowski

We'd like to wish outgoing Niagara County GOP Election Commissioner Scott Kiedrowski the best in his new position of city clerk/treasurer in North Tonawanda.

The positions of the commissioners often go overlooked, but the role that they play every election season is key. Dealing with the dozens of personalities each year, coordinating the petitions, organizing the polling places & workers as well as the multitude of issues that arise are no easy task to manage.

Since the 2003 election season, the Niagara County Republican Party has enjoyed unprecedented success that has been recognized across the state. Kiedrowski became commissioner in April of 2002, just prior to the start of the 2003 election cycle, and has been there since. The GOP's years of political dominance in Niagara county are due in no small part to the job that he has done as the commish.

Congratulations to Kiedrowski on a great run at the BOE and good luck serving the people of North Tonawanda.

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