January 21, 2010

It's the People's Seat II -- Niagara County Edition

So, I get to repeat my favorite adage again....when you're about to be run out of town, best to grab a baton and make it a parade. This time, that applies to County Treasurer Dave Broderick who abruptly resigned citing health concerns. While we believe health is indeed an issue, we also think that the Attorney General's scrutiny of Broderick's handling of estates played a role. We're not sure Broderick would have made it to the end of his term even if he wanted to.

But that aside, we believe the only people who should pick the Niagara County Treasurer are the voters of Niagara County. Governor Paterson should simply allow the Deputy Treasurer, Leslie Stolzenfels to serve as caretaker until the voters make a choice in November.

There are many names being tossed around in circles for this seat. On the Republican side, we've heard Lockport Treasurer Mike White and former Legislative Clerk Jeff Willams mentioned. On the Dem side, Kyle Andrews has already announced and Pat Brown, who lost to Broderick last time around, is in the mix.

Why should Paterson, with election season not that far off, give the keys to the car to anyone before the voters have spoken? Let the Deputy handle the job and let the voters make their choice in November.

And just in case you're wondering....I'd feel the exact same way regardless of whether the Governor was a Democrat or Republican.

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