January 21, 2010

Chapman Needs To Resign

I had this misfortune of hearing Lockport Alderman Andrew Chapman on WLVL this morning, as well as reading this article about the city's renewal of its contract with the promoter of the Molson Concert Canal Series for an additional three years.

Chapman is so upset that the promoter is a 15% owner in an adult club in Buffalo that he voted against the contract renewal of the concert series, the best entertainment series the city has ever had. In the article, Chapman stated, "I will not be spending my money on someone who exploits women." First off, you moron, IT'S NOT YOUR MONEY, IT'S THE TAXPAYER'S MONEY. And the exploits women rationale? The women who were enslaved by the owners of the four area massage parlors two years ago were exploited. The women who work in an adult club do so of their own fruition.

But more disturbing is Chapman's interjection of his own religious beliefs into the decision making process. When you allow your personal religious beliefs to to impact your ability to act in the best interest of the community, as Chapman has done, it's time to step down.

I'm pretty sure he didn't run on a platform of being a bible-toting religious zealot, so why bring it up now? Did he mislead the voters of the Fourth Ward by not divulging his true beliefs and intentions? It certainly appears that way.

A candidate may be elected because of his religious views, with obviously abortion being at the top of that list. But the electorate knows that going in, and this is a local race. Religion should not enter into the decision making process. And nowhere did I see anything about Chapman intending to cast his governmental votes based on his religious views.

Chapman, who is on this ridiculous term limit kick, says that 70% of the residents he talked to while campaigning want term limits. First of all, this is a goddamn lie. Seventy percent of people don't agree on anything, let alone an issue so far off the radar such as this one. Would 70% of Lockportians agree that the Bills hiring Chan Gailey as their next head coach was a questionable move? Possibly, because it's an issue that they're passionate about. Term limits? Not so much.

So if 70% of the people he spoke to want term limits, what percentage of the people that he spoke with told him that they wanted him to vote against renewal of the concert series? Or did he just make that call on his own? I'm thinking the latter.

He also whined to the media that he didn't have enough time to review the concert series contract. How much time did he have to review term limits? See, Chapman wants it both ways. He wants to use the lack of time to review the concert documents as a reason to not vote for it, but he was shooting off his hypocritical mouth about term limits minutes after getting into office.

The bottom line is that Chapman is a liar and a manipulator who is refusing to act in the best interests of the people who put him in office. The people of Lockport's Fourth Ward have been deceived by Chapman, while he hides behind this cloak of religion. He either needs to start acting in the best interests of the community he was elected to represent or he needs to resign his seat immediately.


Sweaterman said...


You are spot on with this analysis. An official has to look at the entire picture when making a public policy decision. Sure there are going to be pluses and minuses to every issue. But that policy must be in the best interest of the citizens and the municipality as a whole.

The Concert Series is one of the best things to ever happen to Lockport. It has brought in many new people to this area, that have returned to spend their dollars at local restaurants and businesses. All of this revenue helps to pay your salary Mr. Chapman

North Tonawanda lost the Canal Series because of a dispute. Look at what has happened there. It is something that they have not recovered from.

On a personal note for Mr. Chapman. You are a new Alderman, that just moved into the City a few years ago. You now have a huge target on your back. I would not want to be in your shoes, sir. Your political enemies just increased 10x. Also, once you open up the marality playbook....you better have an airtight closet, my friend

Also by the way, I have heard that you take your direction on how to vote from your wife, often peering into the crowd looking for a nod of approval. That didn't work in the Clinton White House and will certainly not work in the City of Lockport.

Is is Alderman and Aldercouple!!!!

The Avenger said...


This proves that you call them as you seem them. For those who think you always side with Republicans, here you are taking Chapman behind the woodshed.

Let's call out the facts. Mr. Chapman knew about the concert series before he ran for office. If he was against the operator, why did he not campaign on it....you know why? Because he would have gotten his butt kicked.

He clearly misled voters and you deserve kudos for calling hm out.

lido said...

So Chapman thinks it's okay to own a business which provides security for casinos, which of course are havens for gambling, smoking, drinking & prostitution, but he doesn't believe, because of his morality, that the city of Lockport should enter into a contract with a promoter who owns a 15% stake in a LEGAL gentleman's club? Christ, can you say HOLY HYPOCRITE?

Rocketboy said...

I fear that Chapman is now behaving as a representative of CrossPoint, a Mega-Church in waiting.

DrucilaB said...

I really find your choice of words disgraceful. You cannot think of a more intelligent way to blast him than to call names, really? Chapman ran on a conservative republican platform, did you really think that he was not going to vote religion? Now c’mon…anyone with half a brain could have figured that out. The people of the 4th ward chose him, deal with it.

You say 70% of people cannot agree on anything…well what about the fact that Kibler claims not only that 22 people went out of their way to call his home, but that 90% of these people agreed against term limits! But you do not blast him? I find that a bit more sensational, don’t you? And these people were all magically in his district? Now I find that hard to believe but hey, I guess since he agrees with your opinion we will just leave that out.

Debate is part of politics. Are you afraid of a little healthy discussion? All Chapman did was ask for some answers when no one else would. Did you bother to find out that they were trying to renew the contract 10 months early, that no one else was even allowed to bid and that they would not show a cost benefit analysis? No probably not because that would show integrity, which you have proven to have little of in your words here.

Oh and since he is also a tax payer it is also his money.

Now lets see if you have the integrity to let this comment post.