December 2, 2009

Thompson's Fundraising Jaunt Stalls State Government

Antoine Thompson is special. Don't believe me? Just ask the State Senator himself.

In the midst of a vote to address at least part of the state's $4 billion budget shortfall, Thompson was nowhere to be found. Where was our illustrious Senator? In Buffalo, attending a fundraiser. When pressed by the media about whether his fundraising and his inability to find his way back to Albany to cast his vote on the Deficit Reduction Plan delayed the vote, Thompson responded with the golden nugget of "I believe I'm special, but no".

That's the best you can come up with? Was that an attempt at humor? With the state mired in one its worst fiscal crises ever, you're trying to crack jokes? Let me clue you in, you dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks Senator, you're not special. In fact, you're the least special elected official I know of. Why? Because you do nothing for the constituents who put your sorry ass in Albany. It's just too damn bad that the voters of the 60th SD are more stupid than you.

Just as offensive as Thompson delaying the budget vote to attend a fundraiser is one of his other moronic quotes in the Buffalo News piece. After trying to justify why he is such a fuck-up, Thompson went on to complain that he got back to Albany and "did nothing". Okay, so whose fault is that, Antoine? YOUR party is in the majority. YOUR party controls the chamber. So what are you doing to better state government if you are unable to accomplish anything?

You are so damn incompetent it's downright sickening. Not only are you a do-nothing Senator, you're actually impeding progress in state government. In the dysfunction of Albany, that's saying something. I hope you're very proud.

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