December 18, 2009

Friday Ruminations

New York's Senior United States Senator, Chuck "Don't Ever Get Between Me and a TV Camera" Schumer is still doing damage control after he called a US Airways flight attendant a "bitch" after she asked him to turn his cell phone off. Ironically, he made the comment to New York's Junior Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, a supposed advocate for women, but has to this point refused to condemn her mentor's demeaning and sexist remark.

We're thinking that New York State Governor David Paterson is a regular reader of Niagara Times, because it certainly appears that he has taken our advice. In our November 10 post, titled Political Advice For David Paterson, we suggested that Paterson be more defiant, use the bully pulpit and call out by name the legislators who refuse to enact substantive reforms and significant budget cuts. Paterson started doing what we suggested, and voila, his poll numbers have risen for the first time in over a year. You still can't afford to put me on the payroll, Dave, but keep checking in, my advice here will always come at no charge.

NYSUT is suing Paterson for his withholding of school aid payments. Hold firm, Dave!

The ties between the disgustingly corrupt organization ACORN and the New York-based Working Families Party continues to be scrutinized. Any candidate who willingly accepts the endorsement of the Working Families Party should have his head checked. They're dirty, and everyone inside politics knows it. This story also sheds some light on how screwed up the WF Party is.

Liz Benjamin of the Daily News has an interesting piece on Paterson's prediction that Obamination will stay out of the 2010 Democratic primary election for governor. Considering Obama's plummeting approval rating, I'm thinking Cuomo would just as soon have B.O. stay the hell out of New York. The prospect of him prancing all over the state stumping for Cuomo makes me nauseous.

Western New York state senator Bill Stachowski will face a primary challenge from Erie County Legislator Tim Kennedy. Stack has been virtually useless during his 28 years in office, but Kennedy is not the answer for WNY. Kennedy has never shown the fortitude to stand up for anything - that is not the kind of representation we need in Albany these days.

Two Western New Yorkers have been nominated for new upper-echelon UAW posts. Isn't that like being promoted on the Titanic?

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Sean said...

Yes, Dave, hold firm! Please cut education two years straight.