December 10, 2009

DelMonte Misfires On Melson's Loss

Sometimes I have a bit too much time on my hands. But when I read a quote attributed to one of our elected officials, I like to take a few minutes to confirm the veracity of the quote.

Take for instance, State Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte, the highest ranking Democrat in Niagara County. In this piece from the Buffalo News that appeared on November 6, Delmonte was asked about the defeat of Nick Melson, a Delmonte staffer, in his bid for the Fifth District County Legislature seat to newcomer Vince Sandanato.

DelMonte goes on to state that Melson received more votes on the Democratic line than Sandonato did on the Republican line, but Sandonato had the three minor-party lines and that put him over the top. That would be wrong, Fran.

Official results from the race break down accordingly:
  • Melson had 830 votes on the Democratic line
  • Sandanato had 853 votes on the Republican line
  • Sandanato had 101 votes on the Independence line
  • Sandanato had 69 votes on the Conservative line
  • Sandanato had 49 votes on the WF line
Now, no one would dispute the statement that having the minor party lines helped cushion the margin of victory for Sandanato, but DelMonte is unequivocally incorrect when she stated that Melson received more votes on the Dem line than Sandanato did on the GOP line, and that the reason for Sandanato's win in a district that was held by a Dem for nearly 50 years was his having gained the I & C.
It shows just how out of touch Delmonte is with the local political scene and her willingness to simply make excuses for herself and her organization.
What DelMonte should have been saying to the press, if she had the courage to actually take responsibility and tell the truth without trying to spin every scenario into some incomprehensible justification, is to acknowledge the fact that Melson's loss of the WF line to Sandanato in the Primary Election was pretty significant in influencing the final results. Sandanato still would have won, but that loss was crushing for Melson's campaign.
So Francine, and any any elected officials for that matter, be careful what you say in the press. Someone out there might actually be taking the time to check it out.

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Paladin said...

Hobbes, you're far too kind when "DelMonte is unequivocally incorrect."

That's like saying Tiger Woods is flirtatious.

So, I'll say what you seem to want to say: She LIES!!!