November 9, 2009

Today's Diatribe

Despite my admitted right leanings, I believe that there are members of our society that are underprivileged and need governmental assistance in order to put food on the table. And I do believe that it is the responsibility of government to assist these people in need, at least temporarily.

What I have a problem with is what I witnessed today.

Stopping at a little sandwich stop in downtown Buffalo after a meeting, I found it appalling to see exactly how my tax dollars are used - or should I say misused.

Person after person ran through the single checkout with a bag full of food. We're not talking milk, bread, eggs and the other staples of life, we're talking two, three and four subs each, bags of chips, cookies, candy, sodas and practically any and every other junk food item in the store. Needless to say, other than the heroin and meth addicts next to me, none of these people looked like they had missed a meal anytime recently. Then they each broke out their "benefits card", which is another way of saying welfare.

So who gave these people the right to eat better than I do on MY tax dollars? Again, you're down on your luck, you need some help getting by, that's tolerable - but this is sickening. And it will go on forever. We don't encourage these people to get off of public assistance. In fact, we encourage them to stay on public assistance by allowing such abuses of the system to occur.

And if you're on social services and you abuse the system, meaning you have no intention of ever getting off and you're going to have lotsa babies and make sure they are on welfare their entire lives, let me clue you in on something: NOBODY OWES YOU A GODDAMN THING. Quit being a scourge on society and try to make something of your life. If Obamanation showed us one thing, it's that people of any socio-economic status, race or creed can ascend to the highest office in the country.

Of course, these people that I refer to are where they are partly because of the Democratic party's desire to keep them right where they are. After all, these people are the base of the Democrats voting block. And they can buy them off with vouchers for the local grocery store, or whatever means they deem necessary to get that vote.

Is it any wonder that the Dems control every single statewide office in the state, the Governor's seat, the State Senate and the State Assembly (with a 109-41 majority, no less). And is it any wonder that NYS has BY FAR the single most expensive Medicaid (welfare) program in the country? This is not a coincidence, people! This is how your Democratic elected officials have rigged the system to ensure their survival in NYS for many, many years to come.

Each and every one of us who gets up every day, goes to work and is a productive member of society are paying for it - and it's disgusting.

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Poopchute said...

You changed your post from picking on Larry now to picking on poor people? So your downtown for a meeting, what kind of job do you do? No lunch provided? Why would anyone go into a that kind of store who has a job? Here's my take, Hobbes had grand jury duty and is too cheap to eat at a real restaurant.