November 30, 2009

NFMMC Mental Health Facility

The sad reality of our society is that not enough resources are devoted to treating mental illness. With Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center currently in in the midst of a $6.9 million project to update its mental health treatment facilities, we're hopeful that those in our community that can get the help that they need.

We're not going to harp on the fact that this project is being paid for with slot machine revenues, dollars that are supposed to be used for economic development (right Francine, you stinkin' hypocrite?) or the fact that NFMMC CEO Joe Ruffalo has driven the facility to the brink of financial ruin while making sure to blame everyone and their mothers for the desperate financial situation that the facility has faced.

No, we're simply going to embrace this project on its face value, despite the ancillary concerns, and follow the lead of Lynne Shuster, of the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Buffalo and Erie County who is taking a wait-and-see approach to determining whether the newly renovated center will mean better care. It can hardly get worse.


Niagara Prognosticator said...

Revisionist history again Hobbes. You can lay the blame for NFMMC getting a slice of the casino revenues right at the feet of Senator George Maziarz.

To divvy the spoils according to George's interests, the Senator formed a coalition with Ruffalo, SEIU (Remember GM was chair of the Labor Committee and received SEIU's backing?), Granto and Pataki's USA Niagara Development to wrest control of the funds from the City.

Remember, this "deal" was struck while Pataki still held office, but after Spitzer was elected. So why so favorable to Maziarz and his cronies? Why didn't Francine and Co. wait until Spitzer got sworn in to get a better deal?

Simple. The dunderhead City Council and disgraced Mayor Annello constructed NF's budget relying heavily on casino receipts. Without a deal before the end of the year, NF would have been in danger of defaulting on its obligations. Add to that the shady scenario that saw former City Council Chair Charles Walker land a lucrative position with NFMMC which his experience and education would suggest that he is unqualified for, and more comes into focus.

With the NF mob stringing it up and getting the instrument in perfect tune, Senator Maziarz played Ms. DeMonte and the "leaders" of NF like a fiddle. The political spinoffs have been very very good for the Senator and his minions.

So give credit where credit is due, Hobbes. No need to denigrate the Assembly woman for being a hypocrite. Might I suggest that she be denigrated instead for he lack of leadership on behalf of her constituents?

Paladin said...

More importantly, Hobbes, finally Dennis Virtuoso may be able to get the treatment he needs:

"Doctor, I'm unhealthily obsessed with a domineering Assemblywoman...I try to please her, but she just ignores me...I even got these hair plugs just to make her notice me..."